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Choosers of the slain

Female figures, closely associated with the god Odin, whose function it was to select those slain in battle for Valhalla. Grimnismal records the names of 13 Valkyries who would serve ale to the Einherjar there:

I want Hrist and Mist to bring me a horn
Skeggjold and Skogul
Hild and Thrud, Hlokk and Herfjotur,
Goll and Geirolul,
Randgrid and Radgrid and Reginleif:
They bring the einherjar ale.

The 13th-century Icelander Snorri Sturluson, who cites the relevant verse, describes the Valkyries immediately after the goddesses or Asynjur, and says:

There are still other women, whose task is to wait in Valhalla, serve drink and take care of the tableware and drinking vessels... these are called Valkyries. Odin sends them to every battle; they a lot death to men and decide on victory. Gunn and Rota and the youngest Norn, who is called Skuld, always ride and choose the slain and decide on the killing.

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