Freya the Beautiful, Lady of the Vanir
      Lady Freya      
Fehu rune- wealth and creativity   
Goddess of Love, Beauty, and War
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Freya's bother

Frey is the chief figure of the fertility gods or Vanir, and, as the main masculine figure associated with fertility, it's an important place in Norse mythology. He is described as a son of Njord and brother of the goddess Freya, who is also probably originally his wife. Together, the three dwell among the AEsir and are usually counted in their number.

Frey’s anguished wooing of the giantess Gerd is described in detail in the eddic poem Skirnismal, in which she appears to be punished for his presumption in mounting the panoramic high-seat Hlidskjalf, usually the preserve of the god Odin, as a result of the insatiable longing he feels for Gerd, of whom he catches sight from his lofty vantage point. Only after long bargaining and cajoling (not to mention threatening) by Frey’s servant Skirnir, does Gerd consent to meet him.

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