Freya the Beautiful, Lady of the Vanir
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Fehu rune- wealth and creativity   
Goddess of Love, Beauty, and War
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Freya : Norse Goddess of Passion and Sex by Michelle Skye

Lady Freya, magical Goddess of Love


Enter my womb.
I am ripe for the plucking.


Freya is the goddess that all women want to be and all men want to bed. She is completely comfortable in her own independence, her wrong ferociousness, her own sexual power. She does not need anyone that desires everyone, with a shamelessness that would make a stripper blush. Societal rules and regulations, mores and morals do not apply to Freya. She is her own lady, bringer of wealth, love, fertility, and death.

Freya is a member of the Vanir, one of two pantheons that comprise Norse divinity. In general, the Vanir are closely connected to the earth, to the fertility of the planet and the people and animals who live upon her. The AEsir, the other clan of deities, are similar to sky beings, working with universal and mythic forces that are almost too large for humans to comprehend. Most of the Norse gods and goddesses in the Poetic and Prose Eddas (medieval texts of Norse mythology) are members of the AEsir, but there are a few Vanir deities who hold extreme importance. Among these are Freya, her twin brother Frey, and their father Njordh, who lived among the AEsir.

Freya is deep and rich and varied, like the very Earth itself. Indeed, she might be the daughter of the earth goddess Nerthus, who is often connected to Freya's father, Njordh. As the possible daughter of earth and sea, as the possessor of elemental knowledge, and as the holder of Brisingamen (one of the items of power in Norse mythology), Freya is far more than a sexy, pleasure-loving goddess. Don't get me wrong, she loves a good romp in the hay, but Freya's energy encompasses the hidden power within the act of love. This hidden power is at the very heart of creation, one of the greatest forces on Earth. Freya can help us ground in the present moment, in the pleasure all around us, while launching forward into our next endeavor and our next level of personal advancement. She is sensuality in all its many meanings -- the taste of the tart strawberry, the sound of the moaning wind, the sight of our lovers smile. As we ground ourselves in the goodness of our current reality, she then pushes us to expand, to reach for the very apex of climax, and then to harness that energy for our own needs and desires. Love and sex for Freya are just gateways to the Divine, to our own understanding of the possibilities all around us. Love is power... it's pretty heady stuff!

Pathway to Freya

The most well-known symbol of the goddess Freya is her necklace Brisingamen. The medieval texts do not tell us what the necklace looked like, but it is known that the gem amber was highly respected in the Northlands, thought to possess mystical and Divine qualities. (It was also worth quite a bit of money.) Amber was used for specialized items such as beads, and pendants for jewelry, gaming pieces, spindle-whorls, and finger rings. Due to amber's fiery appearance and Freya's fiery energy, it is often associated with the goddess. Was Brisingamen made of Amber or of gold or both? We cannot know.

Regardless, amber is the gem most associated with the goddess Freya. It is usually thought to connect to either the second or sacral chakra or the third or solar plexus chakra. After much gemstone work, I feel as though amber resonates with the sacral chakra more than the solar plexus chakra; however, I encourage you to use your intuition and decide for yourself. My personal decision hinges on the fact that the sacral chakra seems to emanate many of the attitudes and ideals expressed by Freya (who likes her some amber!). The sacral chakra houses our sexual appetites and inhibitions. It is dedicated to the expression of creativity, to the expansion of sexuality, and to the primal pull of the moon and the waves. It is a very feminine energy center that helps us nurture ourselves and others, celebrate our innate sexuality, access our deepest emotions, and receive the blessings and abundance of the universe.

Besides being associated (in my eyes) with the sacral chakra, amber helps with all sorts of physical, mental, and spiritual ailments. Amber purifies the mind, body, and spirit when it is worn and cleanses any space when it is burned. It is a calming stone that can aid in balancing male and female energies. With this in mind, it is often used in the renewal and keeping of marriage vows. Amber helps us when dealing with abuse, negativity, or emotional blockages. It assists the body in letting go of the past and creating anew. Physically, it will strengthen the thyroid, inner ear, and neurological tissue.

So, taking in all the wonderful qualities of amber and its connection to the sacral chakra, what better way to connect with Freya than through a necklace of amber? Amber can be expensive but you can choose to craft your own amber "Brisingamen" with a few choice amber pieces, accented with jet or silver beads. (Jet is another stone found at the gravesites of ancient Norse peoples.) Or you can purchase an amber pendant and dedicate it to the goddess Freya and all she represents. Since the heart is a symbol associated with Freya, you might consider getting a heart-shaped pendant. Once you have made or purchased your "new Brisingamen," like some amber incense and run the necklace through the smoke. You can also dab some amber oil on the necklace or pendant. While you do this, think about Freya and all the attributes of the sacral chakra and the gemstone amber. If you have some specific aspect of love you like to work on, state that out loud. If not, simply state your intention to connect with Freya.

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