Freya the Beautiful, Lady of the Vanir
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Goddess of Love, Beauty, and War
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Norse Myths and Legends - Goddess Freya by Cheryl Evans and Anne Millard

The Goddess Freya


The most famous of all the goddesses is Freya. She is a Vanir, daughter of the most important Vanir god, Njord. She has a brother called Frey. It is said that their mother is Njordís sister.

Goddess of love and beauty

Freya is the goddess of love and beauty. She had been married to the god, Od. He had left her and disappeared for some unknown reason. She mourned for him and when she cried she wept golden tears.

Nevertheless, she is very lovely and has many suitors. She takes lovers among gods and men but spurns Giants who do not attract her, though they often wooed her.

Her love of beautiful objects sometimes overcomes her good sense. Once, she lowered herself to spend the night with four Dwarves in exchange for the magnificent necklace, called Brisingamen, which they had made.

Goddess of death

As punishment for her bad behavior over Brisingamen, Odin made Freya a goddess of death. She presides over battles and causes wars between kings on Earth. She flies over the battlefield in her chariot pulled by two cats. She chooses half of the bravest warriors to accompany her to Sessrumnir, her hall in Asgard, after death.

Fertility goddess

Like all the Vanir, Freya is a fertility goddess. She brings prosperity by granting good harvests and successful fishing. She takes special care of women who are getting married or having babies and makes sure many healthy children and animals are born.

The boar is her symbol, as it is her brotherís. One of Freya's nicknames is Syr, which means sow.

Freya's magic

After the war between the gods, Freya went with her father and brother to live in Asgard with the Aesir.

Freya is a powerful witch and taught the Aesir her skills. She owns a magic falcon skin. When she puts it on her spirit can fly through the Nine Worlds.

She makes prophecies and foretells the future of all newborn babies.

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