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Busty and beautiful Monique Cooper
Monique Cooper

Monique Cooper's web site

Here we have a lovely, sexy, friendly young lady who's an actress, a model, and a dancer. Here's part of her resume:

Feature/Independent films
  • Joe dick--Jenny Frangelica Houston--Greg Lindsay
  • Robbin in da hood--Dance honey--Quake
  • Candy Stripes--Sue--Wind Chill Films
  • Bad News Bears--Extra--Paramount
  • Starsky and Hutch--co-star--Warner Bros.
  • SoulPlane--featured--Turbo Prod.
  • In the house--featured--Big House Prod.
  • Real Obsession--supporting--Mars Media
  • Still Standing--Cinnamon (co-star)--CBE
  • JAG--featured--CBS
  • According to Jim--dream-girl--TouchStone tv
  • Rock me Baby--featured--UPN
  • Pacific Blue--featured--USA

This is a sexy young woman you want to see more of! Take a look at Monique's photographs here and then follow the link out to her own web site. It's excellent!

Films starring Monique Cooper
On-line Photographs
Sexy young Monique Cooper Where are you looking?
Tough girl Monique Cooper is waiting for you
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Lovely eyes Sexy in blue
Stripping for you Busty and beautiful Monique Cooper
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