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Jolene Blalock
Jolene Blalock proved to be a born surfer while growing up in California, although she decided to pursue an acting career. Born and raised in California, Ms. Blalock has posed for a number of men's lifestyle magazines, showing off her delightfully rounded body.

She made her debut in 1998, in Veronica's Closet, and The Love Boat: The Next Wave a year later. Jolene got her big break when she was cast as Medea in the NBC miniseries, Jason and the Argonauts in 2000.

With full lips, a lovely face and a body to die for, the lovely Jolene Blalock is easily cast on television shows, drawing millions of viewers. Jolene hit the big time when she was cast as Subcommander T'Pol on the SciFi series Enterprise, the last installment of the Star Trek franchise.

You can learn more at Jolene Blalock. Check out this former Vulcan space babe!

On-line Photographs
Jolene Blalock as Subcommander T'Pol from Star Trek Angelic Jolene Blalock
Jolene Blalock modeling nifty silver boots Jolene Blalock is a dirty girl...
Who needs a fire to stay warm? Jolene Blalock doesn't have a flat spot on her...
Wet, wild and inviting She'd got lovely eyes, doesn't she?
T'Pol for sale - what would you bid for this Orion slave girl? Cool Jolene Blalock
Stairway to Heaven Jolene Blalock modeling lingerie
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