Freya the Beautiful, Lady of the Vanir
      Lady Freya      
Fehu rune- wealth and creativity   
Goddess of Love, Beauty, and War
Drawings of Goddess Freya Marvel's Enchantress Valkyries Red Sonja She-Ra
   Displayed here are some interpretations of the beautiful Freya.
Click on any of the drawings to see a larger version.

Queen of the North Falcon Transformation Goddess with a Fine Axe Perfected Body Leader of the Valkyries Chooser of the Slain Freya and her Cats Beautiful Warrior Goddess Rushing naked to battle Fur and Feathers Brisingamen Lady of Flowers Love and Lust Goddess of Fertility Goddess of Contradictions Goddess Freya reclining Glorious Freya Freyja and Cats Goddess of Bounty Freyja and her Chariot Magical Goddess Freyja and Brisingamen Topless Goddess on a Cold Day Feathered Lady Lady of Folkvang Warrior Goddess Freyja Freya casts a spell Leader of the Valkyrie Freya and Odur Celestial Lady Lady Freya of the Vanir Goddess Freya in Fur Freya Casting a Spell on You Warrior Goddess from the Back Freya Gutting a Giant Falcon Cloak Golden Magic Brisingamen Lusty Goddess Magically Powerful Freyja Overflowing with Lust Harvest Goddess Dancing in the Moonlight Goddess of War The Goddess Posing Cloak and Sword Goddess Freya Stalking Through the Snow Goddess Freya Posing in a Cloak Goddess Freya Wielding a Spear Freya vs. the Frost Giant Freya and her Falcon Cloak Goddess and an Axe Freya's Hens Goddess with a spear Goddess Freya in all her glory Goddess Freya in a swirl of magic Freya and the dwarves Snow Magic Beautiful Magic Goddess Freya battles a dark sorceress The Duality of the Goddess Freya Beauty in the Frozen North Goddess Freya wears Brisingamen Busty Goddess of love and lust, the Lady Freya poses enticingly As the Goddess of war, Freya is the mistress of all weapons The Lady Freya works her will through the seidr Goddess Freya wanders through the frozen northern world Goddess Freya walks through the gardens of Folkvang Goddess Freya is pure goodness! Goddess of lust, Freya is the most beautiful girl in the world Freya receives the magical Brisingamen from the dwarf Lovely in furs, Freya is a Northern Goddess Pure Beauty and Love, Freya is the Essence of Happiness Nature Goddess Freya Restores Fertility to the World Freya is the Goddess of Love and Sex Beautiful, powerful and mysterious - Freya is the archetypical woman Powerful and mystical, Freya is the Goddess of Magick Curvaceous and lovely, Freya is the Goddess of Beauty Goddess Freya wields a runesword The Vanir Goddess Freya in purple Freya defending one of her priestesses from the Death Goddess Hel Freya preparing to cast a bit of magic Freya, greatest treasure of Asgard
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