Freya the Beautiful, Lady of the Vanir
      Lady Freya      
Fehu rune- wealth and creativity   
Goddess of Love, Beauty, and War
Drawings of Goddess Freya Marvel's Enchantress Valkyries Red Sonja She-Ra
   Displayed here are some interpretations of the beautiful Freya.
Click on any of the drawings to see a larger version.

Anime Freya Sorceress Freya Freya and Cats Goddess of War Beautiful Goddess Goddess Freya in Winter Goddess Freya in the Forest Goddess Freya and Fairies Goddess Freya and her Magic Necklace Goddess Freya and her Magic Cloak Freya, Warrior Goddess Freya, Fertility Goddess Goddess of Beauty Goddess of Life The Crying Goddess Freya and her brother Frey Freya's Hens Freya's Cat Chariot Goddess in the Darkness Natural Goddess Lady of Spring Cloak of Transformation Duality of the Goddess Freya Buxom Warrior Freya battles a giant snake Freya loves cats Lady with a Sword Goddess of Beauty Cat Chariot Falcon Cloak Freya in the Water Goddess of Life Golden Freya Freya and Od Freya leads the Valkyries Marvel Comics Freya Goddess of Magic Goddess of Life Goddess of Gold Goddess of War Goddess and Tiger Lovely Freya Freya in Silver Goddess Freya in Alfheim Brisingamen, the Magical Necklace Loki stealing Brisingamen Goddess Freya and Cats Avatar of Sexual Love Magical Warrior Messengers Frosty Magic Love and Beauty Lady Freya Appears Goddess Freya and her Falcon Cloak Freyja and her Kitty Warrior Goddess Freya Goddess Freya and Cats Lady Freya casting a cooling spell Goddess Freya in a magical battle Freyja dressed for battle Freya and a Spell Orb Manga-style Freya Freya's Hens Freya Poses Freya Transforms Goddess of Nature Mystical Freya Freya and her Falcon Cloak Freya and Cats Goddess for all Seasons Lady of Spring Lady Freya at Tea Freyja in the Forest Magical Lady of the Vanir Freyja - Sorceress Freyja - Chooser of the Slain Magical Goddess Freya Goddess with Scimitars Goddess on the Wind Goddess and Cat Lady of the Sword Spear-wielding Goddess Lady Freya on Bifrost Reclining in a Snow Cavern Lady Freya is wild Goddess Freya waiting Freyja at rest Well-armed Lady Powerful Warrior Freya Freya and the Wolf Mistress of Fairies Lady and the Blade Beautiful Goddess Freya Lady Freya and an Axe Well-armed Goddess Follow the Lady Freya and her Magic Sword Northern Lights Rainbow Raiment Goddess Freya in Blue The Lady Freya Disrobing Goddess Freya with Sword Lady in Blue Goddess in Fur Goddess of Fairies Lady Freya of Butterflies Greeted by Lady Freyja Lady Freyja on BiFrost Winter Goddess Freyja Freyja, Goddess of War Lady Freya and companion Goddess Freya is a Warrior Goddess Freya is a Sorceress Beautiful Lady Freya Lovely Lady Freya Freya and Cat Golden Goddess Radiant Goddess Freyja Freya and Wolves Ice Goddess Beautiful Warrior Goddess Freyja in Furs Goddess Freyja Wandering Lady Freya in the Forest Goddess of the North Freya affirms Life Awash in Nature Lady of Spring Lady Freyja's Chariot and Cats Confidence Goddess Freyja and Lynx Warrior Goddess and her Cats Celestial Goddess Goddess of Love Goddess Freya with a Sword Voluptuous Lady Freya Goddess Freya leading the Valkyries Goddess Freya Posing with a Sword Goddess Freya lifts her Magical Necklace Brisingamen Captured by Giants Battle Goddess Freya and the Dwarves The Lady in Blue and Silver Goddess Freya and a longship Happy Goddess Warrior Goddess Cats and Magic Goddess of Nature Seidr Magic from Goddess Freya Goddess Freya Making Magic in the Snow Symbol-filled Drawing of Goddess Freya Goddess Freya in a Lovely Gown Sorceress Freya Freya in a Festive Gown Symbolic Freya and Her Cats Freya - Goddess of Falcons Goddess Freya - Swordwoman Goddess Freya in classical garb Goddess Freya invokes springtime Goddess Freya casting a magical bolt Freya with her magic sword Freya with a magic sword Freya with her magical falcon cloak Goddess of Nature Freya and Bifrost Seduction by great beauty and powerful magic Magical Goddess Freya, casting a potent spell A valkyrie, sword maiden, Chooser of the Slain The enchanting Goddess Freya invokes a magical aura A portrait of the enchanting Goddess Freya Freya under an apple tree Goddess Freya and her necklace Brisingamen Goddess of War, Freya leads the Valkyrie Freya - Teacher and Practitioner of the Old Magicks Goddess Freya is a magical fertility Goddess Beautiful and magical, Goddess Freya is a Goddess of Nature and the harvest The Goddess Freya turns cold, cruel Winter to abundant Spring The natural beauty of the Goddess Freya Freya in her chariot, drawn by cats Freya in a small chariot, drawn by cats, from Walhall: Die Gotterwelt Der Germanen Freya with her cats and falcon cape Freya as a fertility goddess Freya as a Valkyrie
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