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"Rooie Oortjes" is literally "Red Ears" - a collection of delightfully drawn single page cartoons illustrating erotic jokes. Many are single panel and without any text, as shown here. Others are multi-panel stories, often still not needing any captions.

These naughty Dutch comics delight folks the world over. The girls are beautiful and generally sex-crazed. The guys are often clueless, but occasionally just as horny as the girls. The situations are hilarious - quite the ribald delights.

The artwork has been collected and translated into English, released as the Grin and Bare It! series. You can also order the magazines and art collections in their original language directly from the nice folks at Rooie Oortjes, in the Netherlands. You'll be glad you did!
Rooie Oortjes
Rooie Oortjes
Rooie Oortjes Drawings

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