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Jim Balent drawing
Jim Balent
Many people know Jim Balent from his stint on DC Comic's Catwoman. He breathed new life into the feline femme fatale thief, raising her from a supporting player in Batman comics to a heroine in her own right. Balent's busty babe captured the hearts and imaginations of hordes of fans. He's since moved on to found his own publishing company with the delightful Holly Golightly, a superb artist with her own collection of characters.

Tarot is the ongoing story of a young witch and her family and friends coping with their magic and their relationships. As a Witch of the Black Rose, Tarot defends the people around her from dire threats, and tries to help people in need. Beautiful, magical and sweet - Tarot is a force for good in her world. Published by BroadSword Comics
A dragon witch, one of the denizens of the magical world adjacent to ours. Dragon witch
A demonic girl and her little friend... Demoness and dragon
Catwoman - thief, rogue, and occasional heroine. She's the prettiest girl in the DC Universe, at least when Jim Balent draws her. Catwoman
Tarot, the Witch of the Black Rose. Tarot is a force for good in the world. As a powerful witch and warrior, she fights the good fight and spreads love and joy wherever she can. And she's a major beauty, of course! Tarot, the Witch of the Black Rose
Raven Hex, Tarot's sister. Raven is a mostly good witch, who prefers to be dark and scary rather than happy and friendly. However, she always comes through in the end, even when she seems to be mean and fierce. Raven protects her Mother and Sister above all else. Raven Hex
Tarot does seem to lose her costume a lot. Fortunately, being very beautiful, no one seems to mind. Tarot, sans outfit
One of Tarot's best friends is Boo Cat. Boo is a werecat, changing from girl to catgirl and gaining feline powers and grace. Boo Cat is always sexually charged and on the prowl, which gets her into trouble. However, she's a true friend to Tarot and her family, helping out in times of trouble. Tarot and Boo Cat
Jim Balent's Tarot, Witch of the Black Rose is published by BroadSword Comics. Pop on over and pick up some of his comic book collections, as well as his art books and posters. You'll be glad you did!
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