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Girls in Dean Yeagle's world are curvy and pretty and full of life. His drawings leap off the page and welcome you into a world of delightfully innocent sexuality.

Mr. Yeagle has an animation production company, Caged Beagle Productions, Inc., in Port Chester, NY, producing TV commercials and CD-ROMs; also magazine cartoons, character design for animated features, advertising and corporate products, and children's books and toys.

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Dean Yeagle drawing
Dean Yeagle
Happy, friendly, sexy young women - just the sort of girls you'd love to meet. Maybe Mr. Yeagle will tell us where he finds his models. Dancing gypsy...
Dean Yeagle draws entertaining cartoons for Playboy magazine. His heroines get into the strangest situations... Just a moment, while we decide who's going to conduct the exam...
Scantily clad blonde girls, with perhaps an unconscious view of lingerie, populate the drawings of Dean Yeagle. You want me to swallow WHAT?
Odd things happen to girls in Yeagle's world... Could someone PLEASE feed this horse?
Mandy is one of Yeagle's finest creations. To see more of busty young blonde Mandy, click here! Could you deny this girl anything?
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