Freya the Beautiful, Lady of the Vanir
      Lady Freya      
Fehu rune- wealth and creativity   
Goddess of Love, Beauty, and War
Actresses Models Athletes Drawings Pretty Girl
diamond Jim Balent
diamond Olivia de Berardinis
diamond Coven 2
diamond Coven 3
diamond Dan DeCarlo
diamond Fastner and Larson
diamond Don Flowers
diamond Blas Gallego
diamond Dominic Marco
diamond Naughty Girls!
diamond Bill Wenzel
diamond Rooie Oortjes
diamond Dean Yeagle
Magical young women who just can't manage to keep their clothes on. Sexy young witches with large magical chests and a love spell just for you. (Maybe a lust spell...)

SQP, publisher of the Gallery Girls Collections, gathers some of the finest artists together to develop artwork related by a single theme. This time, it's wonderful witches, sexy sorceresses and naked necromancers.

Enjoy the samples below and make sure you order the books for yourself. You'll be glad you did!
Coven 3
Coven 3
Summoning a buxom ghost requires a special outfit
Coven Art Collections (Gallery Girls Collection)
Skyclad sorceress soaring skyward
A little help for the witch being burned for her magic
Maiden, Mother, and Crone - the Norns
Do you object to finding a witch waiting for you?
Gaze upon her orbs to see the future
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