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A gymnast since she was 4 years old, Catalina Ponor says she knew she had the ability to be great when she won the balance beam at a local event at the age of 9. She is from Constanta, Romania, bordering the Black Sea. Constanta is also the hometown of team mate Daniela Sofronie. Beautiful, Graceful, and Talented are words that come out when thinking of Catalina Ponor. Her specialties are the Beam and Floor, but in order to be a complete gymnast, she must improve on her Uneven Bars and then, maybe she would be a contender for the all around in all gymnastics events, including the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China. If she hadn't been stubborn and dragged her mother to enroll her in gymnastics, maybe no one, not even Catalina, would have known that she had potential to be as great as she is now.

In late 2007, Ms. Ponor retired due to ongoing injuries. In 2011, she returned to the sport, training once again for the world stage.

Now 24, Catalina Ponor is competing in the 2012 Olympics in London. She and the Romanian team have won the Bronze medal in the women's team competition. Ms. Ponor has gone on to win a silver medal in the individual floor exercise competition, turning in a nearly flawless performance that was a joy to watch.
World class gymnast Catalina Ponor
Catalina Ponor
Catalina Ponor and the Romanian team bronze medals at the 2012 London Olympics
Catalina Ponor performs at the 2012 London Olympics
Name   Catalina Ponor
Height1.56 m / 5'1"
Weight47 kg / 104 lbs
Olympic EventArtistic Gymnastics
Date of BirthAugust 20, 1987
Place of BirthConstanta, Romania
Marital StatusSingle
ResidenceConstanta, Romania / Deva, Romania
LanguagesRomanian, English
ClubFarul Constanta, Constanta, ROM
CoachOctavian Bellu [Head Coach]
Lucian Sandu [Assistant Coach]
Maria Bitang [Choreographer]
Debut2002 for Romania
Olympic Games3rd Team 2012 London
2nd Floor Exercise 2012 London
1st Beam 2004 Athens, GR
1st Floor Exercise 2004 Athens
1st Team 2004 Athens
World Championships3rd Team 2007 Stuttgart
3rd Beam 2005 Melbourne, AUS
2nd Beam 2003 Anaheim, CA, USA
2nd Floor Exercise 2003 Anaheim, CA, USA
2nd Team 2003 Anaheim, CA, USA
World Cup 1st Balance Beam 2012 Doha
1st Floor 2012 Doha
1st Balance Beam 2012 Ghent
1st Beam 2005 Maribor, SLO
1st Beam 2004 Amsterdam, NED
1st Floor Exercise 2004 Amsterdam, NED
1st Beam 2004 Cottbus, GER
1st Beam 2003 Stuttgart, GER
2nd Beam 2004 Lyon, FRA
2nd Floor Exercise 2004 Cottbus, GER
2nd Floor Exercise 2004 Lyon, FRA
2nd Beam 2003 Anaheim, CA, USA (WCh)
2nd Floor Exercise 2003 Anaheim, CA, USA (WCh)
3rd Floor Exercise 2003 Stuttgart, GER
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Catalina Ponor Catalina Ponor
Catalina Ponor Catalina Ponor
Catalina Ponor Catalina Ponor
Catalina Ponor  
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