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Erica Durance (born June 21, 1978, in Calgary, Alberta) is a Canadian actress. Although born in Calgary, she was raised in Three Hills, Alberta.

Ms. Durance is perhaps best known for her role as Lois Lane on the WB (now the CW) series Smallville. She was a frequent guest star for the fourth season of the show (2004-05) and joined the regular cast for the fifth season (2005-06). She currently has a 13 episode contract for each season.

Erica has made more appearances in photos on the Web than she has in television and film. For those who were unlucky enough to watch House of the Dead (2003), the one payoff of the whole film was being able to see Erica Durance go skinny-dipping. Granted, she only went topless in the scene, but her form was slender and everything seemed to be quite real in the breast department. She has a slinky walk that matches her long locks, and is a true vixen with her full lips and wide eyes.

There isn't one feature that stands out more than any other for Erica Durance. She is one of those women whose body and face are very well-balanced. Some guys love her high cheekbones; others say it's in the eyes. We think it's Erica's smile that radiates her presence from head to toe. Her hair has been featured curly and straight, and both styles frame her quite well. Makeup for Erica is always very basic: she lets her features express themselves without playing them up too much. Erica Durance is basically keeping everything simple; we hope she sticks to that mantra.

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Erica Durance
Erica Durance
On-line Photographs
Erica Durance as the lovely Lois Lane on Smallville Busty and beautiful Erica Durance
A Smallville striptease Erica Durance as Lois Lane : Stripper
Busty young country girl Erica Durance in a push-up bra
Sexy young Erica Durance Slender and busty Erica Durance
Farmgirl Erica Durance Erica Durance wearing office casual
Oops - forgot the dress again Lois Lane goes swimming
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